Project description

The chatbot was built to automate petitions, engagement with senators to get their reply quick and clear. We provided chatbot integration with customer API.

Duration: September – ongoing

Development team

Developers, Project Managers, QA Engineer

What we built

The solution includes
Chatbot that connected to Twilio for SMS mailing.
Mail messages analyzer to provide responses redirection from senator to citizens.
The services and Frameworks we used

Botkit is a Node.js framework, that has implemented some easy and convenient methods for working with different bot platforms and programming flow of the dialog with complicated business logic and various API integrations support.;

Twilio is the cloud communication platform that was used for SMS mailing;

Node.js + Express.js were used to build backend API for the bot that works in сhat.

Development process

The first step is creating a queue where the appropriate staff can take the item and start a conversation with the voter. The second step was to gather all the information that the voter answered and send it to the API for storage.

The third step was integration with the mailing system for getting senator’s responses.

Bot architecture

Technical challenges

We improved the speed of processing item such as the system has queue solution. Throng library allows processing items in parallel.


The result
 Users get the solution for how to reach a senator and get his/her answer as soon as possible. It increases citizens’ trust in the senator and the solves thorny issues that people faced.

Still have questions?

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