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Account details, payments via chat, store locator, complain management, product wizard (which product is the best knowing my profile)
Account details, peer to peer payments, produce-service wizard (find the best product/service by knowing my profile), branch/ATM locator, investment assistant, notifications about new deals/prices (stock-currency), alert about overdrafts
Account details, quote wizard, right product based on the user profile, agent-store locator, request assistant, incident report, claims management
Product sales, complain management, product discounts, store finder, order tracker, returns management, digital coupon delivery
Account details, health history wizard, doctor locator, personal training notifications, prescription refills, make appointment with to doctor
Account details, manage your bill, outage alerts, digital meter information, saving and safety tips, complaint management
Account details, track package, calculate shipping’s, schedule pickup, pay bills, find locations, issue the claim, receive proof of delivery.
Account details, shows, episodes, schedule, alerts, technical support, complain management, buy merchandise, pay bills
Travel and hospitality
Account details, book a room, offers, hotel directory & map, gift cards and etc.
Technologies stack









AWS Dynamo

Customer Reviews

Will Martin
The Project started with an in-depth look at requirements so both parties were 100% clear on what was to be delivered and what was expected. The team has great communication and are available for calls during all times, even late in their time zones which shows their complete dedication to their work.
Michael Lewis
I appreciate their ability to grow the size of our team quickly without compromising on quality and for the way in which they proactively seek out new ways of looking at our business problems/opportunities and offer a perspective on how we can solve them.
Michael Brown
Everyone on the team is committed to quality, reliability and staying timeline focused. I have numerous recent stories of specific team members going over-and-above the call to provide support or best practice advice. That's why we really feel like they are a true partner on this project.
Asaf Yosifov
Chatbots.Studio delivered a satisfactory product on time. They were highly motivated, flexible, and receptive to feedback.
Stanislav Shaganov
The automated pay system Chatbots.Studio developed decreased human processing by 87% and reduced product returns by 12%. The Chatbots team’s passion for their craft and ability to innovative significant improvements are impressive.
Dustin Gallegos
Senior Technical Strategist at Microsoft They were very professional, took time to understand the solution and the requirements, and maintained good communication throughout the whole project. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for quality work and a reasonable cost.
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What are the roles of the bot?

Sales person

The bot provides a chain of sales services such as invoice generation, payment, and payment tracking status. Besides direct sales a bot successfully provides cross-selling.

Lead generator

The bot gathers potential customers offering the value, for example, loyalty card or discount. Also the bot able to gather customer’s information making appointments.


The bot integrates with appropriate API to complete clients requests. The bot is able to provide customer authorization and integration with another mobile or web services. After integration, a bot gives out processed result in the appropriate format.


The bot provides automation of the processes in a channel, for example, showcases rules, presents new participants or advertise.


The bot provides customer support and issues resolving 24/7. Helper answers on the FAQ and saves the live agents time. In other cases the bot connects client with live agent.


The bot aggregates the data from different resources into a message and notificates customer regarding service changes.


The main bot value is conversation flow with user. In the most cases the bot helps to avoid bad thoughts and desire to commit suicide.

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